Royal visit at the department. Jacob Østergaard introducing the Powerlab

Tuesday 05 Apr 22
Our department had a royal visit by HRH The Crown Prince as we hosted the IPCC report press conference. Together with Danish Climate Minister Dan Jørgensen, The Crown Prince visited the Division of Electric Power and Energy's building on Campus Lyngby. Head of Division, professor Jacob Østergaard introduced them to the powerlab facility. The occasion is the Danish release of a new IPCC report and the press conference hosted by DTU in the division's buildings. 

Senior scientist Andrea Hahmann is co-author of the report and was present at the conference. Present also was co-author, professor Kirsten Halsnæs from DTU Management, and Executive Vice President, Rasmus Larsen.

You can watch the press conference at DTU EPE here:

The official press conference at IPCC here: