26 APR

Nicolaos Cutululis on the new Global Power System Transformation consortium

DTU Wind Energy is part of the new G-PST Consortium that launched last week in the wake of the COP26 in Glasgow.

Meet the future Graziela da Costa
16 APR

Meet the Future Graziela Luzia da Costa

Graziela Luzia da Costa is a PhD student at DTU Wind Energy at DTU’s campus at Risø. She is interested in the power systems of the future – with a special...

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Screenshot from Global Wind Atlas-website
13 APR

Global Wind Atlas 3.1 released

The Global Wind Atlas version 3.1 includes several new features and improvements. All visual layers on the Global Wind Atlas have become user-scaleable and the new...

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06 APR

Let wind turbines conquer the Seven Seas

Peter Hauge Madsen at Energy Supply: In the near future, a huge market for floating wind turbines will open up. Denmark can come to play an important role if we seize the...

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22 MAR

New blade tip concept to yield considerably more energy

The innovative SmartTip concept has potential to significantly reduce the cost of wind energy per year, implicitly displacing millions of tons of CO2 each year. It will...

12 MAR

DTU, MNU & CIP take collective step to foster future talents in the offshore wind...

- CIP, a world’s leading green energy Investor, signs an MoU with Mokpo National University & Technical University of Denmark for business and academic cooperation...

Renewable energy shares (2017) and percentage increase from social potential under current market conditions (subsidy-free) in every Member State and aggregated at EU level; plus 2020 & 2030 national and EU-wide renewable energy targets. Source: Authors’ own elaboration
09 MAR

Citizen-financed wind energy could be a game-changer in the EU

The EU has set ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the share of renewables, but current market and regulatory conditions create obstacles...

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2nd int symposium on leading edge erosion
16 FEB

DTU Wind Energy hosted the 2nd International Symposium on Leading Edge Erosion...

Experts on leading edge erosion of wind turbine blades discussed ways of solving the problems regarding one of the greatest challenges in the wind energy community.

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Meet the future Jenna Iori
09 FEB

Meet the future - Jenna Iori

Jenna Iori is a Ph.D. student at DTU Wind Energy in the section System Engineering and Optimization and she is just about halfway through her studies.

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Foto Bax Lindhardt
05 FEB

“I hope the research can make wind turbines more popular”

Profile: Camilla Nyborg is working on a PhD project which she hopes will result in a new method for wind farms to reduce the noise from the large blades and optimize energy...

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