Illustration: Claus Lunau
08 OCT

Power-to-X: An essential part of the smart energy system

Why is Power-to-X so important in a smart energy system and what are the challenges in meeting the goal? Five DTU researchers present their take.

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06 OCT

DTU offers new open data for more safe and efficient wind industry

GASP provides global coverage of the following parameters at a spatial resolution of 250 m, at three heights 50 m, 100 m and 150 m: 50-year wind, turbulence intensity...

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Antariksh Dicholkar
01 OCT

PhD students were badly hit by the shutdown

During the close down of the country’s institutions, caused by the corona pandemic, universities have been challenged in terms of teaching and research. The PhD students...

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Erik Lundtang Petersen
22 SEP

Research professor emeritus Erik Lundtang Petersen has been awarded the European...

DTU Wind Energy wishes Erik Lundtang Petersen congratulations with the silver medal.

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White paper frontpage
17 SEP

White paper: The Energy Islands - A Mars Mission for the Energy system

Professors from DTU Wind Energy, DTU Electrical Engineering and Aalborg University point out challenges relating to the two energy islands, that are to be built in Denmark...

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03 SEP

A step towards a green transition in Poland

Offshore wind in the Baltic Sea to make a bigger contribution to Poland’s green transition. DTU-collaboration may accelerate the process.

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Photo: Mikal Schlosser
03 SEP

Denmark gets its own unique 3D imaging centre

Armed with northern Europe’s biggest imaging centre, Denmark now plays a central role in the growing use of X-ray and neutron imaging.

Physics Energy Information technology Construction and mechanics Wind energy
14 JUL

We offer eight new PhD positions

We are looking for eight new PhD scholars.

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Testing the TetraSub Concept Foundation at DHI's wind and wave test facility Photo: DHI
02 JUL

Master students collaborate with the industry on floating wind turbines

Wind turbines that float on the sea will be an important source of sustainable energy in the future. DTU Wind Energy is doing research into floating wind turbines, and...

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Bax Lindhart
17 JUN

What to do with worn out wind turbine blades

As the world gets more and more wind turbines - which at some point have served their lifetime - the challenges of recycling the turbine blades increase. The blades are...

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