About DTU Wind Energy

At DTU Wind Energy we put knowledge to work. The department is one of the largest public research organizations for wind energy in the world with 250 staff members. We educate and train the next generation of wind power engineers. We collaborate with global leaders in the wind industries and public authorities around the world to research and develop new technologies and services to power the green transition.

DTU Wind Energy has more than 250 staff members, including 34 nationalities, 24% women, 11 professors, 108 researchers, 30 PhDs, 80 technicians and engineers.

The department comprises 3 research divisions and 14 research sections.



We put knowledge to the test
Published on the occasion of the 40 year anniversary of DTU Wind Energy
White paper by Prof. Nicolaos A. Cutululis, DTU Wind Energy - Prof. og Head of Center Jacob Østergaard, Center for Electric Power and Energy, DTU Electrical Engineering - Prof. Frede Blaabjerg, AAU Energi