Test Centre Østerild

Østerild is one of the best places to test large wind turbines in Denmark due to the fact, that the test centre is close to the coast with lots of wind. In order to test the large wind turbines, a mean wind speed at 100 metres height of at least eight metres per second is needed.

At Test Centre Østerild it is possible to test nine wind turbines. Recently, two new test stands have been added, after the Danish Government decided to expand the test centre.

With the expansion of the test centre, it is possible to test taller wind turbines. Before the expansion, it was possible to test wind turbines up to 250 metres in height - measured from the ground to the upper blade tip. After the expansion, it is now possible to test offshore wind turbines of up to 330 metres in five of the test sites.

Visitors Centre

About 30.000 guests annually make their way to Østerild because they want to learn more about wind turbines, nature, etc. In order to accommodate the many visitors, a visitor centre opened in 2017 at the test centre.

In the visitor centre, visitors can get the latest knowledge about wind and wind power in Denmark, answers on how a wind turbine is built, and see different wind turbine models.

Just outside the visitor centre is an observation tower. It is made of a bottom section from a wind turbine, which gives an insight into how a wind turbine looks inside.

Owner and lessee

There are nine testing stands in Østerild. Vestas Wind  Systems is the owner of two of the test stands, as is Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy. DTU Wind Energy is the operator of the remaining five stands.

Stand Number  Company Type of wind turbine  Effect MW  Rotor diameter (meters)  Hub height (meters) Tip height (meters) End of rental period 
1  EDF RE GE 150-6 MW  6.0  150  117  192  31.12.2027
Vestas V150  6.0 150 154 227  
Vestas V174 9.5 174 130 217  
Vestas  V162  6.0 160 154 237 21.01.2038
Vestas V155 3,45       31.08.2028

Gamesa Renewable Energy

SG-DD-167  8.0 167 120 203,5  

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

SWT-7,0  7.0  154  120  197 

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy


11.0 200 140 240 28.02.2031
GE  Coming


Deputy Head of Department

Peter Hjuler Jensen
+ 45 4677 5037

Research Technician

Poul Falk Nielsen
DTU Wind Energy
+45 25 55 00 76
See how the wind blows and how it influences the energy in Østerild at the moment.