Test Facilities

DTU Wind Energy is operating three wind turbine test sites in Denmark.

The test sites are situated at DTU Risø Campus in Roskilde, Test Centre Høvsøre in Lemvig and the Test Centre Østerild close to Thisted. At Høvsøre and Østerild, DTU Wind Energy has a total 12 test stands. All of the 12 test stands are rented by some of the best wind turbine producers in the world.In the future, both test centres will be expanded with two test stands making it a total of 16 test stands all together.

Introduction to the two test centres, Test Centre Høvsøre and Test Centre Østerild

The story dates back to 2000, when the Danish Parliament decided to build a wind turbine test centre in the municipality of Lemvig. Today, we know that test centre as Test Centre Høvsøre, which was officially opened in 2002. Ten years later, in 2012, Østerild Test Centre was established.

DTU Wind Energy runs both test centres where the industry tests offshore wind turbines.

In 2018, an expansion of the two test centres came into place. This means that it is now possible to test 16 wind turbines at the two test centres. The expansion means that it is possible to test seven wind turbines in Høvsøre   and nine wind turbines in Østerild.