Research Facilities

DTU Wind Energy operates two world class test sites, the Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines at Høvsøre and the National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines at Østerild.

Furthermore, we have world-leading facilities for our materials research groups, for example, the Mechanical Testing Lab for mechanical testing of fibre composite materials and equipment for X-ray tomography and characterization in 3D and 4D. The Risø campus is also home to the Vestas concept Multi-rotor wind turbine.

At present the National Wind Tunnel and Large Scale Facility for testing of blades up to 45 metres are under development. 

Looking to the European level, DTU Wind Energy is leading the European consortium behind the establishment of the European WindScanner Facility which is included in the European Road Map for Research Infrastructures developed by ESFRI. DTU Wind Energy is world leading in this area with a range of short and long range research infrastructures.

Photo: Timm Becker
The wind tunnel is among the biggest university owned tunnels in the world, and the combination of test possibilities makes the wind tunnel one of a kind.

Large Scale Facility provides a unique facility of the highest international standard for research in strength and fatigue of large structures exposed to complex loading.