A new organization to meet the future

A new organization to meet the future

Thursday 01 Oct 20
From 1 October 2020, DTU Wind Energy has introduced a new organizational set-up with three divisions. The organizational set-up reflects the new role of wind power in the energy systems as well as the continued need for development of new wind turbine technology and materials and components research.

The divisions are:

  • Wind Turbine Design, led by Kenneth Thomsen
  • Wind Energy Materials and Components, led by Ignacio Martí
  • Wind Energy System, led by Cathy Suo

The divisions are set up to improve the strategic management and executional capacity of the department to meet the needs of the sector and contribute to the green transition of society. The three divisions are further organized in 14 sections representing the full range of research and innovation activities at DTU Wind Energy. The new organization will continue our long-standing tradition of working across disciplines to deliver integrated solutions for industry, academia and public agencies. The sections have been created after an internal consultation process. Several head of sections have continued from the existing organization, but we are also happy to welcome five new members of the management group: Jakob Mann, Henrik Bredmose, Anand Natarajan, Kim Branner and Gregor Giebel. The position as head of section for Society, Market and Policy is currently vacant, but the hiring process is ongoing.

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What does this mean to our stakeholders?
We will continue our close collaboration with more than 350 partners from industry, academia and public agencies around the world. The re-organization of DTU Wind Energy will enable us to anticipate to the future challenges of wind energy and to respond faster and better to the needs of the growing number of companies, academic partners, public authorities and societal stakeholders engaged in wind power.

Background about the re-organization of DTU Wind Energy
The energy system is undergoing a radical shift in the degree of integration of the system. Our research at DTU Wind Energy contributes to solving the challenges and utilize the opportunities that the shift brings. The re-organization positions DTU Wind Energy stronger for providing solutions for wind energy in an integrated energy system.

About the three divisions in DTU Wind Energy
The three new divisions reflect the challenge in wind energy R&D to address the cost, value and sustainability of wind power. Combined, the competences, facilities and software capabilities of DTU Wind Energy ranges from Nano- to grid scale and from low Technology Readiness Level research to full scale demonstration activities at our test centres for large wind turbines at Østerild and Høvsøre. The three divisions are:

Wind Energy Materials and Components
With a focus on sustainability, manufacturing and digitization, the division will create solutions for monitoring and utilization of materials and components for the wind energy sector.

Wind Turbine Design
With the aim of reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of future onshore and offshore wind turbines, the division focuses on technologies that include everything from aerodynamic design (airfoils, blade design, and rotor design), turbine control and response prediction to the utilization of combined modeling and test data.

Wind Energy Systems
Wind Energy Systems consist of a chain of systems that connect Atmosphere Plant-Grid-Society. The division will develop the scientific and technical basis to provide a reliable tool chain to assist all players active in wind energy. Internal and external collaboration is the key driver to achieve this goal.

About DTU Wind Energy
We work in close collaboration with industrial partners, public agencies and other universities from all over the world. We possess scientific and engineering competences to the highest international standards with a focus on onshore and offshore wind energy. With a staff of 240 researchers, engineers and technicians, DTU Wind Energy is one of the largest public research organizations for wind energy in the World. We work towards the vision of creating a better world through creation of a more sustainable environment. DTU Wind Energy is a department at DTU – Technical University of Denmark.