Passion for science. Meet researcher Alan Wai Hou Lio

Friday 22 Apr 22


Passion for science. Meet researcher Alan Wai Hou Lio. About the beauty of control design - the brain of the machine, invisible to the human eye. Alan is from the Section of Response, aero-elasticity, control, and hydrodynamics. Fourth episode in this series about passion for wind energy research and technology. 

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Katherine Dykes:

Henrik Bredmose

Jens Nørkær Sørensen

Alan Wai Hou Lio's bio:

"I was born in Macau, China, and completed my education in the U.K. During my second year of undergraduate at Imperial College, I got an internship opportunity to work at Vestas as a research assistant. I was working on a wind farm control problem. I found it fascinating to see how I could apply the knowledge I learned from school to real life and help to make a sustainable future. That’s how my journey in the field of wind energy started. After my undergraduate degree, I pursued a PhD in control systems and wind energy at Sheffield.

During my PhD, I found out that I enjoy doing research and developing cutting-edge technology, thus, I decided to follow an academic path. DTU Wind Energy has a high reputation in wind energy and I often came across its name during my studies. In addition, DTU Wind Energy also has a strong link with the industry, which encourages the development of pragmatic research solutions to real life problems. That’s why it is a natural choice for me to pursue my academic career at DTU Wind."