Katherine Dykes

Katherine Dykes on wind energy science

Wednesday 30 Sep 20


Katherine Dykes
Head of Section
DTU Wind Energy
+45 21 79 92 59
First part of a new video series about the people at DTU Wind Energy and their passion for wind energy science.

"I'm a systems engineer. That means I really get drawn to working with complex systems that involve a lot of physical areas, so coupling many different physics and engineering sciences together. So what really attracts me and others to work with wind energy is the ability to pool together all these different physical phenomena - the aero-dynamics, the structures, the electrical, the controls - and look at the whole system perspective so that we can improve the whole system performance, reduce the cost, and ultimately make wind energy one of the most competitive energy generation sources on the planet."

Photo & video: Simon Rubin (siru@dtu.dk)