Gregor Giebel

Gregor Giebel celebrates his 25 years anniversary

Monday 09 May 22


Gregor Giebel
Head of Section
DTU Wind
+45 46 77 50 95

Gregor Giebel is Head of Section for the Section for Renewable Energy Plants in Weather Driven Energy Systems at DTU Wind and Energy Systems and on 6 May he is going to celebrate his 25th anniversary.

Gregor Giebel’s research interests are energy meteorology and energy systems with high shares of wind power, and climate issues. In these areas, one of his milestones have been a research report on "State of the Art in the Short-Term Forecasting of Wind Power", which was one of the first and largest reports of its kind when published in 2003 and updated by a reissue in 2011, both times as part of an EU project. It has almost rounded 1000 citations. His activities in wind forecasting have led to a position as an Operating Agent on a Task of the International Energy Agency IEA, which is the largest global discussion forum in the field of forecasting.

When asked which activities he liked the most, he mentions a project in which he was going to investigate whether flying platforms are suitable for measuring the wind, and compare the results with the department's masts in the test center in Høvsøre in Jutland. While this project did not quite achieve the results the partners of it wished for, the network established then led to a new project, Train2Wind, which he currently leads. In collaboration with, among others, 13 PhD students, the project conducts research into the size of offshore wind farms. For example, they are investigating how much offshore wind farms can grow and whether there is an upper limit to the size. In the project the researchers plan to use the flying platforms for measurements in Rødsand Offshore Wind Farm in September.

Gregor lives in Himmelev in Roskilde with his wife Rikke and two children. In the past, he has traveled a lot until he realized the climate footprint of the travels. Now he just wishes to show the very best places on the planet to his children.