Photo grab by Simon Rubin

Denmark as a world-leading wind energy society

Wednesday 12 Jan 22


Maja Horst
Professor, Head of Section
DTU Management
+45 45 25 48 51


Simon Rubin
Senior Communications Advisor
DTU Wind Energy
+45 93 51 08 26
Denmark should be a leader not only in wind energy research but also as a wind energy society. For that to happen we need to engage in dialogue with people at all levels of society about how we use wind as a shared resource that benefits and advances our entire nation. 

Video interview with Maja Horst:

"Science communication is needed to avoid societies breaking in halves"

Maja Horst, professor and head of section at DTU Management, is an internationally recognised scholar on responsible technology and science communication. She is part of the DTU Wind Energy project Co-Green, led by Julia Kirch Kirkegaard.

The video is part of a talk about science communication. Why it is important to your career, and how you become better at it. Science communication is needed to avoid societies breaking in halves, and with dialogue Denmark can become a world leading wind energy society.

  1. Why scientists should communicate in public
    Communication becomes more and more important if you want to be a successful scientist. You have to communicate in order to attract resources, gain legitimacy, be good at conferences, and be able to talk to funders

  2. Start from your passion
    Why is your science fantastic, why do you get up in the morning every day to do this, and why do you spend hours and hours in a lab counting different things or looking at the same technical setup?

  3. Try not to appear clever
    Speak in a way that is understandable, take out the lingo, try not to appear clever but trust that the audience will already think you're clever because you have the title legacy.

  4. Selling your story to the journalist
    Journalists focus on the consequences. How can this be used?

  5. The importance of science communication in society
    Universities need to make sure they have a sufficient amount of scientists who are actually able to talk to everybody in society about what it is we're doing and why science is important.