DTU, MNU & CIP take collective step to foster future talents in the offshore wind industry in Korea

Friday 12 Mar 21
- CIP, a world’s leading green energy Investor, signs an MoU with Mokpo National University & Technical University of Denmark for business and academic cooperation in offshore wind in Korea

On 26 January, the Department of Wind Energy at The Technical University of Denmark (DTU), CI Offshore Wind Korea (affiliate of CIP), and Mokpo National University signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for tripartite knowledge exchange and research collaboration in the field of offshore wind development and related education.

The signing ceremony was held at Mokpo National University, Jeonnam Province, Korea, and attended by Mr. Einar Jensen, Danish Ambassador to the Republic of Korea, Mr. Min-seo Park, President of Mokpo National University, Mr. Peter Hauge Madsen, Head of Department of DTU Department of Wind Energy, and Mr. David Taeseung Yoo, CEO of COP Korea.

Korea is a fast-moving, highly innovative country with a great interest in the sector, in July 2020, the Korean government announced a Green New Deal worth approximately 73.4 trillion KRW (66.5 billion USD) in public spending to create 659,000 jobs in new and renewable energy sectors by 2025. In particular, the government plans to draw 63 trillion KRW (57 billion USD) worth of private investment and create 87,000 jobs every year in the offshore wind sector alone.

Also, the government vowed to expand the country’s offshore wind power capacity from the current 124 MW to 12 gigawatts (GW) by 2030 and double it by 2034 to make Korea one of the world’s five largest offshore wind power generation countries2. Such targets are closely linked to an even bigger target of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

As the Korean government set the goal of reaching 12 GW of offshore wind by 2030, it has become increasingly important to secure advanced technologies and, more importantly, highly trained professionals in the field of offshore wind in Korea.

MNU is one of the representative national universities in Jeonnam Province, the southwestern region of Korea where 8.2GW offshore wind power projects are being developed and expected to be operational by 2030.

In this context, the two Danish pioneers in offshore wind, CIP and DTU, are partnering with MNU to support nurturing future talents in offshore wind in Korea by promoting knowledge exchange and research collaboration in offshore wind project development and related research and education.

Based on their extensive knowledge and expertise in research and project development in offshore wind, both DTU and CIP are expected to assist MNU in becoming one of the leading academic institutions in offshore wind in Korea and the Asia Pacific to provide qualified resources.

"I want to congratulate CIP, Mokpo National University, and DTU on this special collaboration. As the Danish Ambassador to Korea, I am delighted to witness today's MOU signing, which marks the continuous and ever-expanding collaboration between Korea and Denmark in offshore wind. This collaboration strengthens the future of offshore wind and paves the way for creating a greener and more sustainable world." said Danish Ambassador H.E. Einar Jensen.

Mr. Min-seo Park, President of MNU, said, “The collaboration between the Mokpo National University and the Technical University of Denmark will set the cornerstone for the discovery of new outstanding talents in offshore wind in Korea. Also, with CIP, we expect to contribute to the growth of the local economy and the enhancement of the national competitiveness through this win-win cooperation for the offshore wind industry in Jeonnam Province.”

Mr. David Taeseung Yoo, CEO of COP Korea, spoke, “The success of the Green New Deal and, especially, the achievement of the 12GW target for offshore wind require a great deal of investment in various segments of the offshore wind industry in Korea. I believe, however, the most important of all is educating and training offshore wind professionals as there is currently a very limited number of them in Korea.”

Mr. Peter Hauge Madsen, Head of Department, DTU Wind Energy, said, “I have been to South Korea a number of times and visited MNU, I have always been impressed by the people in South Korea and their technical/scientific level, we have very high expectation for this collaboration, and hopefully we can arrange visits between the two universities and CIP in the near future.”

This MoU marks an important milestone in Korea and Denmark’s coming together in offshore wind partnership and is expected to lay the groundwork for major leaps in offshore wind technology.