Picture of Henrik Bredmose in the middle with his two PhD Students

DTU Wind Energy Professor named 'PhD Supervisor of the year'

Wednesday 04 Dec 19


Henrik Bredmose
DTU Wind Energy
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Henrik Bredmose, Professor at DTU Wind Energy has been named ’PhD supervisor of the year at DTU.’

Henrik Bredmose, Professor at DTU Wind Energy, has been awarded ’PhD supervisor of the year at DTU’. 

The award was given at the annual graduation reception for PhD candidates that have obtained their PhD degree the past year. 

“It is a great honour to receive such a prize”, says Henrik Bredmose. 

At the graduation party, Amin Ghadirian and Antonio Pegalajar-Jurado from DTU Wind Energy each received their diplomas for the PhD degree. They have both been supervised by Henrik Bredmose.

Friday was thus a real day of celebration along with the other candidates from the department and the rest of DTU. 

“We put a lot of effort into the work every day – both from the PhD student side and from the supervision side”, says Henrik Bredmose and continues: 

“So it is just so nice, when the scientific ambition, social interaction and individual strength combine into valuable results.”