Leading edge erosion on a wind turbine blade

International Symposium on Leading Edge Erosion of Wind Turbine Blades

Monday 12 Aug 19


Leon Mishnaevsky
Senior Scientist
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 57 29


Charlotte Bay Hasager
DTU Wind Energy
+45 46 77 50 14

DTU Wind Energy offers a symposium on leading edge erosion on February 4th-6th 2020 at DTU Risø Campus.

Leading edge erosion of wind turbine blades is one of the most critical problems of the wind energy development. It can lead to more than 5% reduction of annual energy production for wind turbines.

In order to predict, control and prevent leading edge erosion, DTU Wind Energy offers a new international symposium on leading edge erosion of wind turbine blades.

The symposium takes place at DTU Risø Campus, Denmark on February 4-6 2020.

The objective of this symposium is to discuss ways to predict, control and prevent leading edge erosion of the wind turbine blades, ensuring high reliability of the wind energy generation. 

The symposium will bring together experts in the areas of wind energy, meteorology, materials and coating development, aerodynamics. Further, industrial solutions and products for the wind turbine blade blade protection and testing will be presented.

The symposium is organized in the framework of two projects: Innovation Foundation projects “DURALEDGE : Durable leading edges for high tip speed wind turbine blades”  and “EROSION: Wind Turbine Blade Erosion-Reducing the largest uncertainties”.

It is possible to sign up for the symposium.

Presentation Submission and Registration:

Please submit the title of your presentation and your short CV/bio (50...100 words, in text format) by e-mail to lemi'at'dtu.dk no later than September 15, 2019. The registration fee for presenting authors is 250 EURO (before October 15, 2019), 400 EURO (after) and 550 EUR (after December 31, 2019). For non-presenting participants, the fee is 350, 500 and 650 EUR, respectively. For the members of Erosion and Duraledge projects,  the fee is 220 EUR. The registration includes access to the sessions, a conference program, coffee/refreshment during breaks and dinner.