Inaugural Lecture by Mathias Stolpe

As of February 1 2019, Mathias Stolpe was named Professor in Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization within Wind Energy at DTU Wind Energy.

DTU Wind Energy would like to invite you to attend Professor Mathias Stolpe’s inaugural lecture Friday the 6th of September 2019 at 15.00. The lecture has the title: Models and Methods for Structural Optimization in Wind Energy

The venue is DTU Lyngby Campus, bld. 101A, meeting room

After the lecture, you are invited to participate in the reception

Kind regards

Peter Hauge Madsen
Head of Department
DTU Wind Energy

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About the Inaugural Lecture:
Structural optimization is a collection of mathematical models and computational methods for finding the best load carrying structures. The techniques are becoming increasingly more important and popular in design processes for wind energy applications to achieve goals on e.g. cost or mass reductions.

DTU Wind Energy has recently conducted several research and innovation projects in the area of structural and multidisciplinary optimization. Some of these focus on optimal structural design of offshore support structures such as monopiles and jackets. These, and other, applications are multidisciplinary and require development of new mathematical models and numerical optimization techniques to be capable of solving problems of industrial relevance.

The lecture gives examples from these recent research projects on structural optimization at DTU Wind Energy and additionally outlines possible future research and innovation challenges in the field.


Fri 06 Sep 19
15:00 - 17:00



DTU Lyngby Campus
Anker Engelunds Vej 1, bld. 101A, meeting room 1
2800 Lyngby