Advanced Wind Turbine Converter Control in HVDC-Connected Wind Power Plants

A number of today’s offshore wind power plants in the North Sea are being connected via HVDC transmission links, and more HVDC-connected wind power plants are already planned to be installed in the near future. In the offshore AC grid, the wind power plant with hundreds of full-converter type wind turbines and the large HVDC converter(s) are interacting with each other. Moreover, creating DC-interconnected HVDC networks within the North Sea HVDC transmission lines seems to become a near future plan. In these converter-dominated offshore networks, control interaction between the wind turbines and the HVDC converter(s) and the electromagnetic stability of the converters are becoming an important issue.

The intention of this doctorate project is to develop advanced control methods for offshore wind power plants connected to an HVDC transmission line. The focus will be on evaluating potential capability of the offshore wind power plant in improving response of the system during faults by investigating the fault response requirements and control algorithms for the wind turbines and HVDC converters, whereas the overarching objective is to reduce the risk of offshore wind generation outage due to disturbances and resonances. Resonance phenomena in the offshore AC system will also be analyzed by modeling the system and deriving the transfer function of the system including a suitable representation of the wind turbines. Additionally, the stability and feasibility of the developed control methods will be validated with time domain simulations as well as experimental testing in a laboratory setup.

The PhD study will, among others, bring contributions to the research related to: 

  • Advanced wind turbine converter control schemes in terms of current control, resonance damping, offshore AC voltage stability support
  • Transient interaction of offshore wind power plants and wind turbine converters with DC-interconnected HVDC networks
  • Experimental analysis of converter control schemes on small-scale laboratory setup.

This PhD project will be part of the large Horizon 2020 - Project “PROgress on Meshed HVDC Offshore Transmission Networks” – PROMOTioN.


Amir Arasteh
PhD student
DTU Wind Energy
+45 30 42 23 87