22 MAR

New blade tip concept to yield considerably more energy

The innovative SmartTip concept has potential to significantly reduce the cost of wind energy per year, implicitly displacing millions of tons of CO2 each year. It will...

12 MAR

DTU, MNU & CIP take collective step to foster future talents in the offshore wind...

- CIP, a world’s leading green energy Investor, signs an MoU with Mokpo National University & Technical University of Denmark for business and academic cooperation...

Renewable energy shares (2017) and percentage increase from social potential under current market conditions (subsidy-free) in every Member State and aggregated at EU level; plus 2020 & 2030 national and EU-wide renewable energy targets. Source: Authors’ own elaboration
09 MAR

Citizen-financed wind energy could be a game-changer in the EU

The EU has set ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the share of renewables, but current market and regulatory conditions create obstacles...

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2nd int symposium on leading edge erosion
16 FEB

DTU Wind Energy hosted the 2nd International Symposium on Leading Edge Erosion...

Experts on leading edge erosion of wind turbine blades discussed ways of solving the problems regarding one of the greatest challenges in the wind energy community.

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Meet the future Jenna Iori
09 FEB

Meet the future - Jenna Iori

Jenna Iori is a Ph.D. student at DTU Wind Energy in the section System Engineering and Optimization and she is just about halfway through her studies.

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Foto Bax Lindhardt
05 FEB

“I hope the research can make wind turbines more popular”

Profile: Camilla Nyborg is working on a PhD project which she hopes will result in a new method for wind farms to reduce the noise from the large blades and optimize energy...

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WAsP 12.6
22 JAN

DTU Wind Energy software WAsP upgraded with access to data from the Global Wind...

In WAsP 12.6 DTU Wind Energy introduces automatic import of Generalised Wind Climate files from the Global Wind Atlas. This makes it possible for WAsP users to quickly...

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19 JAN

Promising researchers receive grants from Ingeniør H.O. Johannessens Fond

Connected to Ingeniør H.O. Johannessens Fond´s decision to dissolve, the foundation distributes the remaining fund capital to three promising and talented...

18 JAN

100% FAIR and Machine-Actionable Wind Energy Parameters

What started as an FAIR Data initiative has now become the world’s first in making wind energy parameters 100% FAIR. It is also machine-actionable allowing the machines...

Havvindmøller_Photo Torben Nielsen
23 DEC

Energy islands in 2030: Where do we place the P2X facilities?

Energy Islands are becoming a reality in 2030 due to the plan recently approved by the Danish Government. Considering this future massive production of electricity, the...

18 DEC

Christian Bak and Wen Zhong Shen new professors at DTU Wind Energy

As we head for the Christmas break and a new year, the Department of Wind Energy is happy to present the promotion of two of our colleagues to professors.

15 DEC

DTU Wind Energy receives millions for green projects

Three green research projects from DTU Wind Energy receive a total amount of DKK 14 mio from The Independent Research Fund Denmark.

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Meet the future Daan Cederløf
03 DEC

Meet the future - Daan Cederløf

Daan Cederløf is a 3rd year PhD student at DTU Wind Energy where he works with damages in composite materials in wind turbine blades.

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30 NOV

Can we see the invisible?

Yes! Using thermography and computer vision we show that structural damages below the surfaces can be detected. It has the potential of reducing the total inspection cost...

DTU Wind Energy partnering with DHI GRAS  on the new H2020 e-shape pilot WindSight
09 NOV

DTU Wind Energy partnering with DHI GRAS on the new H2020 e-shape pilot WindSight

Building on the experience of the IFD InnoWind project, “WindSight” will promote the industry uptake of first class data from Earth Observation as input for...

Helge Aagaard Madsen
02 NOV

Helge Aagaard Madsen's 40th state anniversary 1 November

Helge Aagaard Madsen has always several irons in the fire and he is not afraid to open up new paths in his work as a research specialist at the Department of Wind Energy...

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Meet the Future Wei Fu
20 OCT

Meet the Future - Wei Fu

From the Beijing Institute of Technology to a small start-up company in Stuttgart and then to DTU. PhD student Wei Fu has achieved a lot at the age of 27, and she has only...

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Leon Mishnaevsky Jr. & Co
06 OCT

New project on Maintenance and repair of wind turbines

To optimize the maintenance and repair strategy of wind turbines, DTU Wind Energy started a new research and development project Maintainergy, "Maintenance and Repair Strategies...

Presentations from the webinars ENERGY ISLANDS - Developing Renewable Energy Hubs
06 OCT

Presentations from the webinars ENERGY ISLANDS - Developing Renewable Energy Hubs

On 29 September 2020, the IEA webinars Energy Islands - Development of renewable energy hubs and Power-to-gas technology and system integration were held.

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