Extracting power from the wind for a renewable future

We are a world-leading wind energy department that delivers cutting-edge research, innovation and development of wind energy technology. 

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We are a world-leading wind energy institute that puts knowledge to work through cutting-edge research, innovation and development of technology. We culture internal collaboration between scientists and scientific disciplines and have a second to none collaboration with the global wind energy industry.


DTU Wind and Energy Systems provides education and training in most critical wind energy disciplines,
comprising of different topics from aerodynamics to atmospheric physics and materials
to grid integration and offshore wind energy. 

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DTU Wind and Energy Systems has a long history in the wind energy sector and is widely acknowledged for its expertise and state-of-the-art facilities. 

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Denmark - A wind Energy Nation

The Danish wind energy research environment is internationally recognized as being in the forefront of wind energy technology, and DTU Wind Energy has provided a major part of the wind energy research in Denmark. Pro capita DTU Wind and Energy Systems is the most publicising department in the world.

Danish Wind Energy FACTS:
4000 onshore and 500 offshore turbines in Denmark | 47% of annual electricity production | 33.000 People directly employed in wind energy | €20 bn. annual industry turnover | €7.4 bn. annual export

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HAWC2, WAsP and more ...


Several of the department’s key competence areas are disseminated and commercialized via licensing of software. 

The software is continuously being refined with new research input and act as a platform for research-based innovation. In total, almost 5600 licenses for WAsP have been sold. In addition to developing various software programmes, DTU Wind and Energy Systems also offers courses in e.g. HAWC2 and WAsP. Over the years more than 2500 persons has participated in a course in one of the department’s software programmes. 

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Test Centres and Research Facilities

Test Centres Østerild and Høvsøre | Poul la Cour Wind Tunnel | Large Scale Facility | Materials Lab

DTU Wind and Energy Systems is operating several world-class sites and facilities in Denmark used by researches and wind energy companies from around the world. 

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About DTU Wind and Energy Systems

DTU Wind and Energy Systems is the largest public research organization for wind energy in the world. We educate and train the next generation of wind power engineers. We collaborate with global leaders in the wind industries and public authorities around the world to research and develop new technologies and services to power the green transition.

250 employees | 37 Nationalities | 24% Women | 11 Professors | 108 Researchers | 30 PhDs | 80 Technicians


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